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Ceramic Workshops

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Earthenware Wood Firing with George Metropoulos McCauley

Learn the process, clay & glaze possibilities for low temperature Cone 2-3 firing in the Noborigama during this 7-day workshop. Instructor George Metropoulos McCauley will make his tech sheet available to participants & discuss the comparison to high temperature wood firing.

Participants can bring 30 bisque fired pots* & will have the choice of firing unglazed or using surface coatings, glaze, slip, stain, terra sig, etc. Load as a group & determine shift partners for a wild and successful firing. Cone 3 is the target temperature with a 6-8 hour reduction cooling. After unloading, participants will discuss the firing, results & future plans.

Low temperature wood firing yields surfaces, textures & results that can be different from high temperature firings. George invites participants to get together, try something new, make new friends, have a lot of fun & share the work in anticipation of a kiln load of fine pots.

Conclusion of the workshop will be during STARworks' annual Firefest event. During the firing & while the kiln is cooling, participants can enjoy demonstrations, artist talks, fiery finale events in clay, metal & glass, live music & more at no extra cost. There is also an opportunity to participate in Firefest workshops for an additional fee.

*Each participant should bring 30 Cone 2-3 work ready bisque pieces. The kiln will be loaded fairly, but there is a possibility that not all pieces will fit. Please select a range of sizes & shapes. Shelves will be used, as well as tumble stacking. A limited selection of surface glazes & slips will be available. Participants are also welcome to bring their own.

If you have kiln gloves & glasses, please bring them. Be sure to wear clothing that will not melt. Standing in front of a kiln is hot work!

April 2
Studio will be open for participants to come early, glaze work, settle in & meet George McCauley.
April 3
9am: Introduction by George
10:30am - 5pm: Loading 
April 4
9am - 5pm: Loading 
April 5 & 6
Firing in shifts of 4-6 hours
April 7
Enjoy the Firefest activities!
April 8
Unload & marvel at the results of your labors 

Registration deadline is March 26

Date: April 2 - 8Register button
Time: Varies
Instructors: George McCauley
Fee: $250

Noborigama firing TN

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No Rules Earthenware with George Metropoulos McCauley

George Metropoulos McCauley makes it clear that anything is possible with clay as he demonstrates throwing and sculpture techniques, along with surface applications. While he works, George enjoys input, questions & may even ask participants to make some of the parts for his sculpture.

On the first day, George will make parts to be put together the next day. After the instructional demonstration, participants can enjoy a slide show that begins with a short performance art gig about "George's House of Clay Products," followed by an evening meal with George.

George will assemble parts on the second day of the workshop. If time allows, he will throw in a hands-on section about his "Red Neck Majolica Process." 

"I believe a major part about my workshops is the sense of freedom that he participants are left with and the knowledge that everything is possible, there are no rules and tenacity is as important as talent. My workshops are informative, clear and humorous, and cover educational and aesthetic considerations as well. I have over 180 workshops in the past 50 years and it is a major part of my work life and process." - George McCauley

*This is a 2-day workshop with the wonderful George McCauley. No experience necessary.

April 28
Morning introductions and demos throughout the day followed by an evening art performance and slide lecture
April 29
Finish demonstration pieces from the day prior with creative collaborations in the afternoon, followed by sad goodbyes

Registration deadline is April 20

Date: April 28 & 29Register button
Time: 9am - 5pm
Instructors: George McCauley
Fee: $100


McCauleyNoRules8 TN

McCauleyNoRules1 TN

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Make Your Own Mother's Day Mug

Tap into your creativity to make a special mug for Mom or give her the gift of making one for herself. What a great way to celebrate family and say thank you to Mom for all she does! Learn the basics of building a ceramic mug through the use of clay slabs and coils. Choose the final color for your textural creation! No prior experience required and firing included. Participants can make arrangements to pick up their finished pieces or have them shipped. Open to all ages. Children 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Finished mugs will be ready to pick up May 19. 

Registration deadline is May 10

Date: May 12Register button
Time: 10am - noon
Instructor: Erin Younge
Fee: $50

Throwing Fundaments on the Potter's Wheel

Learn the fundamentals of throwing on the wheel with clay! This one-day workshop will cover how to center and open up clay into vessels to make cups and bowls. No experience necessary. Must be 12 or older to participate.

Registration deadline is June 14

Date: June 16Register button
Time: 10am - 4pm
Instructor: Erin Younge
Fee: $125 
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George Metropoulos McCauley

George Metropoulos McCauley is known for his pottery & narrative sculpture. He has been influenced by his interest in Asia, ritual, mysticism, folk art & his Greek heritage. George does high temperature wood firing, but is in the forefront of low fire wood firing movement. He is equally known for his "Wood Fire/Red Neck Majolica Process" and "George's House of Clay Wednesday Night Video Series" on Instagram & You Tube. Along with his functional ware, George makes narrative sculpture combining clay with wood, metal, found & handmade spurious archival objects. He has been featured in several films, including "Bridging the Pacific," a 2012 film by Nagamura Hisaaki, Director's Work Films in Association with ASO TV in Kumamoto, Japan. The film details his work & exhibitions in Japan. George has also deloped exchange programs which bring Asian & American potters together in order to travel, work & exhibit.

Erin Younge NL


Erin Younge

Erin Younge is the STARworks Clay Studio director. She uses various materials and techniques to build sculptures that explore the relationships between history, religion and politics. She received a BFA concentrating in sculpture from UNCG and an MFA from ECU. Erin has taught workshops at the NC Pottery Center and STARworks. She was the curatorial manager for ECU's Dwight Holland Educational Ceramics Collection.